Degree Programs

Bachelor in Biblical Education

The Bachelor in Biblical Education degree (128 hours) is the foundation for full-time ministry. It represents four full years of Bible training and covers Bible, ministry, and counseling courses.

Associate in Biblical Education

The Associate in Biblical Education (64 hours) represents two years of training for the full-time student. It is a practical degree on its own, but is also an important stepping stone for a Bachelor’s degree. The Associate program includes advanced courses such as Theology and Oral Communications.

Certificate in Biblical Education

The Certificate in Biblical Education (32 hours) represents one year of training for a full-time student. It consists of 32 hours of Bible and practical Christian ministry training courses. This certificate is recommended for those wanting to learn more about ministry for their Sunday School or other church teaching responsibilities.


Graham Bible College is accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission International.

Graduation Requirements

Graham Bible College reserves the right to alter graduation requirements when it is decided that such changes are necessary. Normally a student is graduated according to the stated requirements at the time of admission unless attendance has not been continuous. In case of readmission, requirements at the time of readmission must be met.

The student is required to fulfill graduation requirements within eight (8) years of his initial enrollment.

Students are limited to four (4) college credits before filing a complete application with the college.

Students who have filed an application must submit a high school or GED transcript along with college transcripts. Credits at GBC will not be filed officially until this requirement has been met.

Academic Catalog

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